Thursday, July 10, 2008

The final musical

july 10 2008

It's more than a week ago the girls had their musical, their final goodbye to the basic school.

They didn't know that our former neighbour would come too, so that was a real surprise.

When we entered the hall, the boys and their dad wanted to sit at the side, and I wanted to sit at a place where the girls could see us.

So without ill fellings we split, and I ended up sitting between my former neighbour and friend and another friend, who came to see the girls too.

It kind of marked how special the evening was.

One of the girls had a very large balletsolo.
She did so very well, that I even got compliments in the bus yesterday.

The other one was dressed so outstanding that she caught the attention because she was, and is, so beautiful.
I hope we can lay our hands on the video, because I was too bussy keeping two different eyes on the twins, that I've missed important passages.

When the musical was over we were invited for a drink we had to pay ourselves. LOL!
Well, we had time to have a word with a befriended teacher and some friends who were present too.
One of the girls got a necklace from her boyfriend. So cute!!!

When we came home we all had cake and something to drink and we talked for hours.

Now the flowers are long gone, but the memories remain.
They're part of the best ones of those years.


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