Monday, July 21, 2008

discover the joy of reading between parent and child

july 21 2008

Two of my children are dyslectic.
One graduated a few weeks ago.

The other dyslectic is one of the girls.
She loves reading, which seems paradoxical.
It's like saying that a person with one leg loves walking.

She struggled through the first few months of alphabeth-exercises at school.
The teacher said she was just a slow pupil, I told her I recognised the problems from my dyslectic boy and I wanted her to have more help.
Because the school refused to give her help, I started my own trainingprogram.
It resembled preschool games.
Because the way of presentation of the letters, she was able to grasp the sounds and the looks of them, and was able to learn to read at her own pace.

A friend followed the same self-invented program with her girl of 3, and by the age she went to school she was a fluent reader, enjoying the world of books and phantasy.

Not based on my method, but based on the same principles, top educaters have developed a fun system to help preschool children to discover the world of reading.
It's called funetics.
It's named after phonetics, the science of sounds and language.

I'm not in favor of teaching preschool children too early.
They need to play, because play in itself provides all that's needed for proper development at that age.
Funetics is based on the needs of the children of that age: games, colourful pictures and shapes that fits their age, rhymes, and simple steps to give both parent and child a feeling of achievement.

getting ready for kindergarten is fun this way and it enables to tie the bond between parents and children a bit closer.
It's so much fun to discover the joy of reading between parent and child.

I'm happy I was able to give my daughter the intense feeling of enjoying books, and I hope you will discover this happiness too.


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