Saturday, July 26, 2008

About my travels

july 26 2008

We Travel Well

1. What part of the world and country do you live in?

I'm living in Europe in a tiny country called The Netherlands.

2. What is the furthest from home that you have been, and where is it?'s in the south of Europe.

3. What travel destination have you enjoyed the most?

England, Wales and the south of Scotland.
I absolutely loved the Lake District.
Nature there is so beautiful!

4. What travel destination have you enjoyed the least?

With my parents and fiancee to the beach.
It's a very long time ago.
I wanted to leave there, just like that.
That says enough.

5. Is there somewhere you’d like to visit but have not, and where is it?

Scotland, Mali, and I would love to visit my online friends.

6. Do you prefer traveling to see historic places or to hit the beach and relax?

Who says that seeing historic places isn't relaxing?
Just use your imagination and you're out of your own life.
And the chance of being burned by the sun is far less than on the beach.

7. What popular vacation destination have you never considered because you think you’d not like it?

Benidorm and those large resorts.
The beach should be rather emtpy for me, so I can walk and enjoy the sounds of the sea.

8. Where do you travel to most recently?

With 4 autistic kids this mom is not able to travel.
Last time was over 25 years ago.

Now the kids are old enough for me to go, but I don't even have the money to visit the wedding of a dear friend in Malaysia.

So it's the shopping mall.

9. Do you like day trip “mini-vacations”?

Yep, I do.
Is this an invite?

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  1. hello well traveled mom. :)


  2. I'd love to go to Mali as well. I hear it is absolutely beautiful. A friend of mine slept under the stars there and swears that it was a life changing experience. Hope you get there someday.


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