Wednesday, June 11, 2008

You can congratulate us!

june 11 2008

We got the call and.....

my third son made it through his finals!!


So we need to prepare for a graduation.

I think he's accomplished a lot.

First he struggled some years while teachers didn't acknowledge his dyslexia,
then they didn't acknowledge his ADHD.

They kept telling him and us that he just should control his behaviour better, that he should work harder, that he should and should and should.

Against all odds he worked hard, and I kept telling him it would pay back.

He got diagnosed, had to deal with even more teachers who told us that ADHD is just an empty diagnosis and an excuse for not controlling his own behaviour, and had to deal with teacher who said he didn't need special support because he did well at school.

He did well, because he worked so very hard at home!!!

And now it has paid off...

And I'm so very happy for him!!!



  1. Congratulations to your son!
    Good for him. I know you must be proud.

  2. Your son has my heart felt congratulations on a job well done!!!!!

    My grandson (11)has had issues from the time he started day care so I know where you are coming is so heart breaking when such a young child is treated and labeled a certain way!!!

    So very happy for you and your family!

  3. Congratulations to your son, that is such an accomplishment!

  4. Congratulations to your son - and to you, too. I've just joined SocialSpark, and you're the first familiar face I've found there so far.

  5. That's awesome news! Hard work always pays off in the end!

  6. Congratulations! It is such a large accomplishment for your son to defy the teachers and the school and show them he can do it.
    My nephew is 6 and recently diagnosed with ADHD, and I try and help my sister all I can so that he can accomplish anything.

  7. Wow - amazing!

    I remember my final day of exams what a weight off my chest that was. I had to get a waver to pass the spanish requirement.

    I am a dyslexic and I recently posted seven tips for parents of dyslexic children on my blog and I wonder what you think of the post.

    Have a look see.

    Let me what you your reaction is...

    Eric Wolf

  8. Congratulation!!! Wish him all the best. Will pray in front of god to for him.


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