Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Which blog posts are best?

june 17 2008

When writing the former post, about Nello, I suddenly remembered someone called me "passionate". Recently.

It was about blogging, and about which posts are best.

Yea... I can imagine I was passionate in my answer.

Because I don't think there's anyone in this world who can give such a definition that it can be used to select the best posts from the lesser ones.

When using a rating system you're bound to find clusters of well rated posts which are all different.

There are people valuing posts that are written right from the heart. They don't care about language mistakes, don't care about sentences that are not following the rules of grammar, who don't care about any other value.
As long as they are able to feel the emotions of the writer, they value these post as the best.
Like people who see a painting and like it, because it touches their soul and moved their emotions and imagination.

Others value posts because they're a kind of understandable literature.
The carefully, well knitted posts of adjectives and nouns that can be diagnosed with a grammarbook like an infectuous disease that should be reported to the proper authorities. Even when they don't understand the meaning, they can see the symptoms.
They assume the red spots are the symptoms of an intellectual mind, and reading the text means the radiation of a great mind enlightens theirs.

I've had so many wonderful discussions about this theme with my friend Max, who is as passionate as I am, and who took the school of journalism by storm.
His opening and finishing sentences used to follow the laws of well written pieces of information, untill his emotions would take over and he would spread the distance between these sentences with lines of ordered and unordered respect or disrespect, depending upon the subject.
His readers would either run away and hide untill the outburst would be over, or stand in the sideline shouting and cheering, because he was able to transform their energy into a newspaper article.

Right now, a whole new kind of "well written post" is emerging.
The blog-ad, the swiftly written post with the link in the middle, inviting people to click and land on an advertisement page.
Count the clicks and they hightest clicked post is best.

Forget it.
Because the advertiser wants to sell his product.
I still think that the best post is remembered by a woman when she's talking with her friends, and tells them that she's going to try something that is mentioned.
Her friends will try it too, and the sales will go up.

Are these the best posts?
No ofcourse not.

Nor are the copies, the quotes, the stolen images neglecting all copyrightlaws.

But it depends on the readers of that blog.

Maybe I'm too much of a musician, too much of a mother and too much of a human being.
I don't think the best posts are the hightest rated.

The best posts are those that never reach the open part of the blog.
They're the posts that are never finished.
The posts that are filled with so many emotions that the screen almost explodes, the posts that are way beyond the characteristics of words.

Nearest best are the posts that stay with you, like the echoing sound of passionate music.
The posts that trigger that hidden feeling of longing, may it be for more, or may it be for the past.

It's the rythm of life, reflected in a moment on a blog passed by.



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