Sunday, June 29, 2008

veteran's day and acknowledgement of the children of the resistance

june 29 2008

It was veterans's day yesterday.

I watched part of the parade on TV, and then started searching for more info on my dad's time in England.

I looked at the lists of names of some squadrons, spoke online with some people I thought might be able to help me and then ended up screening sites here in The Netherlands itself.

My mother is very traumatized by the war and she doesn't want to know anything about it, otherwise we could put a request in at the RAF, and things would be clear soon.
Without her, I can't do anything official, and just search and search and search.

When I was young, I loved all the stories that were told in my family.
But now I'm older I slowly start to realise how this all has affected the way I deal with injustice in this world.

Like my father, who thought he could help change the course of WW2, I feel I have to take upon me to change matters that need to be changed.

It made me curious how the past of a family which took part in the resistance has formed the way I perceive the world.

I landed on a site for children of people who have been active in WW2, either in the resistance or as part of the allied forces.

One of the stories was very interesting for me.

I think I'll get in contact with the foundation and apply for membership.

For the first time I experienced a feeling of belonging and of acknowledgement of my feelings.

Because my family was large, they could hide their activities well.
I'm not even sure if the person who is going to write a book about the resistance knows about all the courageous activities of my uncles and grandparents.

Ofcourse I don't know all the stories.
They kept the ugly ones away from birthdays, I guess.
But I know quite a lot of interesting incidents.

Maybe a new part of my life has started... a time to learn more about myself through the past.



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    I'm sorry.

  2. It's so important that the stories from WWII are recorded. By that I mean the personal accounts, the stories of what happened to ordinary people. I lived in Paris for a time and met several elderly ladies, English but who had married Frenchmen just before the war. They had some incredible stories to tell but nobody was recording them. I jst wish I had thought to do it at the time.


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