Monday, June 23, 2008

very bad weather

june 23 2008

We were lucky yesterday.

While the clouds were gathering above our head, with lots of noise, I was eating berries in the garden with one of the girls.

Nothing special.
Just one of those moments that disappear somewhere far away in memory and probably would never have come up again.

The berries were nice, far too early in the year.
I was amazed they were so moist, as everything is so dry.

We saw lightning above our head, and when a few drops of rain came down, we just enjoyed them.

A few hours later we heard that a town not so far away had the terrible weather that was enclosed in those clouds.
Hailstones of 4 cm. Going through windows like golfballs, covering the streets with a thick layer of 6 cm of wintery stuff.

Trees were broken by lightning and the enormous wind.
A house set on fire.

We've been so lucky!!!



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  2. Indeed you were lucky. Did the thought run through your mind that it might have been your house instead or as well? Hope there were no fatalities.

  3. HI, The story you helped create "La Mort a la Tour" is now posted. Here is the url Sadly I don't think this is one of my best stories, it sounded a lot better in my head but there is always room for improvement. I hope you enjoy the story as much I as enjoyed writing it. I appreciate your participation in my project. Please come back again


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