Sunday, June 8, 2008

unconscious mutterings

june 8 2008

  1. Rambling :: world

  2. Magnetic :: auroras

  3. Again! :: Oh no!

  4. Acoustic :: sound best

  5. Mahogany :: warm wood

  6. Promises :: and promisses

  7. Ill fitting :: so not good

  8. Sublime :: outstanding

  9. Poop :: babies

  10. Disoriented :: lost in space

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  1. Oh, I didn't even think of magnetic and auras. Great mutterings! Thanks for visiting mine!

  2. I like your mutterings too. Thanks for signing my guestbook!

  3. Thanks for dropping by!

    I guess I'm rather disoriented since examinations are coming up and I am rather distressed at the thought. =O

    Nice mutterings, they're rather amusing!

  4. Love the picture for your mutterings.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    Have a great week.

  5. Thanks for dropping by! I like your mutterings.

  6. Love your UM logo here … very kewl ;--)
    Thanks for stopping by Small Reflections and leaving the link back here … seems like yours are all different from mine, but wonderful all the same.
    Hugs and blessings,

  7. #3 Oh No. - L

    Thanks for visiting.

  8. Hi Laane -- I sent another email to the address you left and yours. I got a new email to try out. I hope you got it.

    I guess we are playing email ping pong?

    I almost put Teletubbies down for Again -- your reponse reminded me of that. I don't miss the baby poop and diapers.

    Thanks for stopping by.
    I use aluminum sulfate on my hydrangeas to make them blue. I never heard of using rusty nails.

  9. Some unique answers and great mutterings. Nice to meet you.


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