Wednesday, June 25, 2008

to gap or not to gap

june 25 2008

Our visit to the orthodontist was surprising.

Ofcourse we knew that she lacked permanent molars at 3 places and teeth at 2.
But it turned out that she lacked one at even another place, and no one noticed before.

That she has a little sharp tooth beside her two large front teeth we've seen.
We thought it looks cute, and assumed it was a babytooth.

It isn't according to the orthodontist.
Well, it's been there since she got her first teeth and never fell out, but hej, why discuss this to someone who wants to know best?

I expected more important matters, and I was right.

He wants to make a gap between the teeth at the other side and place an implanted tooth beside the front ones.
"Because symmetry is best".

Not for chewing, not for anything else than "the looks".

My daughter and I looked at each other exchanging some thoughts, and so I told him that when "the looks" never raised a question before, it also wouldn't raise a question later.

Luckily we have 6 months to a year to decide, because she needs a brace below, before she needs a brace there.

What would you do?


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