Sunday, June 29, 2008

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june 29 2008

I guess I'm far too bussy, because I slept very bad, woke up to wave one of the girls goodbye, and then sat on the couch for a cup of coffee and fell asleep again.

When I woke up again, I was in the right angle to spot a stain on the curtains. Ugh!
So I had to move furniture around to get enough place to use the kitchenstairs to remove the curtains, which meant cleaning, etc etc.
Before I knew it was far past lunchtime and I suddenly felt trembling and faint... that rotten diabetes took over the steeringwheel.

Well, the girls had a marvellous time at a birthdayparty, and 2 of the boys are to a party now.

So I had plenty of time to watch the weatherforecast for this week.
Oh my dear!
Tropical temperatures!
I'd better add colour to my hair instead of curls. LOL!

My graduating son came home with a nice set of clothes.
We don't have ceremonies with gowns and funny hats.
He;s going to wear black shoes, black trousers, painly white skirt and a wonderful, really beautiful tie.
To keep the tradition they bought it at a shop my dad always bought his ties.
So that's nice.

Yesterday I made a letter for his school. The same school my autistic son went to.
I think I did reasonably well keeping it short with 5 pages... it should have been a complete book. Grrrrr.

Today I looked for typingerrors. Those who know me know I'm the typo-queen.

When I was finished, I started to consider how wrong those people there might take it all.

So I started to doubt whether I should send it or not.
Or leave it, as a matter of fact.
I want to leave it at the mailbox of the principal when we leave after the graduation ceremony.

I wonder if they'll be able to learn something from it..
I really do.

In the letter I give some examples of what we experienced.
All embedded in the question how on earth they think they can help a school full of problemchildren and children in need when they couldn't even give my autistic son some understanding.

I will be soooooo happy when we wave that school goodbye!!!!!!!!!!!!
It should all become a memory and be tucked far away.



  1. Good luck with the results of your letter. It must be very difficult.


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