Tuesday, June 24, 2008

She's got her diploma!!

june 24 2008

Yesterday she did it!

She swam for her diploma and did very well.

Just 2 months ago whe stood trembling at the pool, afraid to jump in.
People couldn't understand that she was afraid and that made matters worse.

Parents weren't allowed to have a look, but when her twinsister swam for her diploma I saw something that made me shiver.

The teacher offered her the hook (point up, ugh!), and she was more busy trying to feel safe with the hook, than learning to trust herself.

I've been a swimmingteacher myself, a long, long time ago. And I know people have different ways to teach children now.
But the principles are the same: teach a child to trust itself, to stay calm in the water, and to thhink and assess risk.

So when this little lady came home, I praised her straight into confidentiality heaven.

In the past she wasn't able to learn to swim.
She was one of the few who got lessons at school and didn't get a diploma.
I managed to convince the council that when schools have parties at the pool, the council is responsible to provide enough lessons for all children, not only the ones who learn fast.
So the girls get a second chance.

And they took it.

After I witnessed the non-inspiring lesson, I told her everything about upwards pressure of water, the principles of floating in the water, the influence of stress and breathing on muscle performance, and how she was endangering herself with that terrible hook.

The next lesson she almost jumped in herself, the lesson after that she jumped in and experienced the joy of feeling free in the sky.

Knowing how to prevent yourself from drowning gave her the security she needed to swim everywhere in the pool.

So she did great swimming yesterday.

She showed me the first movements to learn to dive.
My stomach ached when she it the water, like a crashing plane.

Just a few words, and she tumbled in far better,
and another few, and now she can dive too.

I'm sorry for the teacher that I managed to teach her this so quickly.
She stood listening in a corner, I only saw her when she came out.
I hope she can show more enthousiasm when she gets new pupils next year.

Today at school, my girl went to all the teachers, and got stickers and congratulations.

She's the oldest one at school ever, to get her swimmdiploma,
but she sure has enjoyed her success!


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  1. Yay for her! You were wonderful to know how to teach her. I hope that teacher took some clues.


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