Saturday, June 14, 2008

school forgets graduates

june 14 2008

Looking at the list of graduates at the online edition of the regional paper I couldn't find the name of my son.

A quick mail in the middle of the night, 2 hours before the presses start roling, was not in time anymore.

The names of the graduates of his school were the only forgotten ones, as far as I could see.

This morning three of us here plowed through the enormous list of names of schools and graduates.

It was painful to see that his name wasn't between: "ALL the graduates".

To me it's the perfect crown on how this school deals with their pupils.
They just don't care.

Right now we haven't decided how to deal with this.
Ofcourse I mailed the school and paper with some questions.
But more needs to be done.

Last week the group already had a party.
My son couldn't attend, because it was impossible to get there by taxi. And as the busses were on strike and the school didn't keep the promiss to send a bus between school and location...

I can imagine that my son doesn't even want to attend his own graduation.

Or that he wants to wear his japanese gala tenue.

He's trained well in aikido.
When he told me he wanted to wear a hakama to his graduation I told him not to. Told him to adjust to the requirements of the school: neat clothes.
Graduates here don't wear gowns of those funny hats. Just dress neat.

But now this all has happened I feel that maybe I have to back him up.
I would love to get the local paper to be present, so he can explain why he wants to follow what he sees is good and fit to the occassion.

All these years they only offered him some help when we got the schoolinspection in school.
He's dyslectic. He should have had proper help as outlined in the law, all the time.

How many times I've had problems with some of the people there at school because they just didn't care.... I can't even remember.

Those years have been a painful experience of us all, and that the school not even mentions the graduates on their site or to the local paper, as all the other schools do, is a terribly painful experience.

Any ideas how to deal with this are welcome!!



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