Saturday, June 28, 2008

saturday special

june 28 2008

~Questions, Silly Questions~

1. Who is the last person you talked to?

My third son.
He was going to town with some friends to buy a present for the host of a party this evening.
And he asked me to make a list with what I needed, and add pet supplies, because his friends mom need food for the cat and dog and wants them to bring it too.

2. What is your weather like right now?

Right now?
It's yucky humid,
cloudy and hot.

3. Where will you be this weekend?

At home.
Just at home.

Wish I would be in town, spending a lot of money. LOL!

4. What's for dinner tonight?

No idea.
Depends on what's brought in with the groceries and depends on the left overs.

So I guess it'll be:
tomato soup
hopefully some fish

and the kids an icecream.

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  1. Just dropping by... I am validated in seeing I am not the only one who isn't all about "what's for dinner" at 9:30 am. Geez. What's it with those people, eh? ;)

    Oh and a lovely site design you have as well!

    I'll be ECin' you later,


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