Saturday, June 7, 2008

saturday special

june 7 2008



1. Favorite Outfit To Wear:?

Depends on the occassion.

At home I wear flexible trousers and a T-shirt.
When going to a meeting I wear something more bussiness-like. Black trousers and a jacket, and a blouse.
But to other occassions I like to dress according to my feelings of the moment.
Most often I stand out, because I like to follow my own style: colourfull, one step ahead of fashion, not adapting to the dressingstyle of women my age.

2. Favorite Hair Color & Style:?

I would love to have long curly hair, instead I have the thinnest and straightest hair in the world.
So it's earlength.

Oh.. and I've been blessed with reddish brown, or brownish red hair.

3. Favorite Kind Of Shoes:?

Flipflops. Didn't you know?

4. Favorite Way To Relax:?

Making music without an audience.

At times it's singing, but it can also be whistling,playing the guitar, bagpiping. It just depends.

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  1. Hi Laane;

    Great answers to the Saturday Special. Thanks for playing. Have a lovely week ahead.

  2. Isn't it funny how we always want what we don't have? I have curly blond hair and work very hard to make it as straight as possible :)

  3. i agree with annie. i also have wavy hair so i resorted to rebonding to make it straight.

  4. i agree with annie. i also have wavy hair so i resorted to rebonding to make it straight.

  5. Fun list!

    And thanks for your comment on mine, and for letting me know the shoes are worth it. I've loved all these flats I've bought so far, so I'm sure these would be great too!

  6. My daughter has thin hair and she hates it :(


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