Sunday, June 29, 2008

ready for the musical

june 29 2008

Tomorrow evening the girls will play in the final year's musical.

Everything is ready.

I've taught them a lot about stage-make-up.
They knew a bit for balletperformances, but the musical requires a more natural look, which is even more work.

They're performaning on a large stage, so they shouldn't look pale, dark, brown, yellow and people should be able to see their eyes without thinking they're looking to a skull.

The teacher adviced them white lingerie.
So we tried it out last friday and I showed them why one never should wear white lingerie on stage.
Yesterday they went with some girlfriends to get for them all skin coloured lingerie.

We handed out the last invites, made a bag with sweets and some drinks for the time they have to wait, and had a good look at the batteries for the cameras.

All these preparations took away their stress, and transformed it into a bit nervous expectancy.

On tuesday they'll have lunch at school and then say their goodbyes and leave.

We already have the adresses of the teachers we like.

I thought in the past that I would feel melancholy, but I only feel that when I think how they arrived there for their first schoolday.
Little girls... sweet little twingirls.

Now they're little ladies, who have their own opinion and have a bright look towards the future.

I feel so happy for them.


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