Saturday, June 21, 2008

perfect for me is

june 21 2008

~It's Perfect ~

A perfect day is
a day without stress. With everyone in a perfect mood and I'm not too tired.
A superperfect day is a day that I can do something for myself without any disturbance. A day that I forget the time, that I even forget myself.
A day of just being.

A perfect dinner is
One with everyone present and no hazzle.
A superpefect dinner is me with a friend at a not too expensive restaurant, wearing the perfect outfit for the moment and enjoying myself to bits.

A perfect evening is
No washing up, coffee served, casualty on TV, and silence. After that everyone going to bed without any problems at all.
A superperfect evening is walking at the beach with someone I love and who loves me.

A perfect vacation is
No problems with the boys, weather just right and relaxation all days.
A superperfect vacation is going away on a trip
...and never come back ... eh...
and come back and find everything at home perfect or just the way I left it.

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