Wednesday, June 18, 2008

No wasps in my house

june 18 2008

The last tip was a hit. (what works against spiders), and I got some questions about other insects.

So I want to talk with you about wasps.

I don't like them. Do you?

Since we made a kind of extra ceiling outside above the backdoor, stretching to the shed, we've had problems with wasps being curious.
That is, untill my gram whispered from the other realm to me that I should use my memory.

She never had wasps in her house.
They loved to fly to the balconies of the houses, and went straight in. But not at my grandmothers house. Oh no!
She could have sugar and jam on the table and no wasps stealing it, so we kids had it all.

She used to heat water in a bowl and throw some cloves in it.
Next morning she sprayed it around at the balcony.
That was it.

So I made me a bowl of cloves and water, sprayed it around the next day and... no wasps.

It works for me!

Am I glad that the wasps here don't like the smell of cloves!!

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  1. Can you tell me more? How much clover? Just heat up some water and throw clover in it? REALLY? And clover as in, "I'm looking over a four leaf...."???? I MUST try this!

  2. Noops.
    Cloves, like in herbs.
    Just a handful in a bucket.
    Ofcourse you can make less.


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