Thursday, June 5, 2008

no school available for my autistic son

june 5 2008

At the day that I went with my girls to their new school to meet their teachers, I heard that my autistic son wouldn't be admitted to the school we wanted.

Well, in fact it was our second choice.

He wasn't admitted to the auti-classes before.

I had a very nice talk on the phone with the representative of that school, resulting in him making clear to the council representative that forcing us to make a complaint again the decision and after that going to court, wouldn't change anything.

I feel I'm gathering people at my site .....

Two months ago we had a meeting with people from yet another school.
They were very nice, but I doubt my son will be able to feel well there.
They son't want to tell the other students he's autistic. Which means he will be named weird and strange...
And they have so many breaks of daily routine.
It's a very active school, with many trips.

The drama we experienced with almost every trip... we don't want that again.

So I mailed the council representative that, unless she wants a meeting with us again, we are going to apply for... how do you call that... eh... well, that he hasn't go to school.

It's a pity. He's very clever.
But there's no school available.

I'm not sure what will happen.

Ofcourse the council medical service will have to see my boy.
Which I will protest against, as the autism has been diagnosed by a topprofessor.
No normal council doctor is able to diagnose autism, so they can't judge his condition.

And I doubt if they will accept our application without a fight from the department of law of the council.

Well, I can't affort an attorney, so it'll be me to stand up against them.

I know the council wants to use this case to force the court to speak against the lack of good schoolplaces for autistic kids.

I think however that a courtcase won't serve this purpose well.

Society as a whole, including politics, needs to understand that autistic children don't belong at schools with children with behavioural problems.

Autism isn't a behavioural problem.

Autism is a neurological condition leading to disturbances in communication.
Social processes can't be observed well.
The consequence is that there are many communicationproblems between the autistic child and the people around him.

He can't understand what others mean, he can't tell what he means.

Autistic children need their own school with lots of support.

I'm OK children with autism spectrum disorder who can deal with a normal school, go there. No problem is there is none.

But children who experience problems shouldn't be called a problem.
Nor schould the parents be treated like they're unfit parents.

Like I always say: when you can teach a kid with no legs to walk, you're a miracle mom.
I'm just a mom.

Right now I'm feeling like I'm waiting for another blow in the face.

I wish these matters were solved and the stress would be gone.


  1. hope you find a school for your child soon. I have an autistic daughter and it was not so difficult to find an appropriate school for her sine Philippines has plenty of special schools now. Unlike 10 years ago.

  2. I'm so sorry..

    That has to be a very touchy subject. I hope that you get what needs to be done, done and your son can go to school. I have a cousin with autism and I would definitely feel better if there was a school accustomed to his specific needs...

  3. i wish this would get resolved seems as though you have been in this battle forever!!!


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