Sunday, June 1, 2008

No movie fire, but a real fire fit for movies

june 1 2008

According to a Los Angeles fire official there's a fire at a lot at Universal Studios.

At least one explosion has been heard.

No reports of injuries have been issued yet.

The fire started around 5:15 AM PT on ,

At the moment the fire is burning at a back lot, the New York sound stage, and fire fighters are trying to prevent spreading.
Helicopters are used and around 100 city and county firefighters, from about 40 companies, are assisting the studio firefighters.

As far as my information reaches it's told that the Earthquake ride is damaged.


The fire couldn't be contained to the area it started.

It got huge.
A tremendous grey and black tower of smoke covered the sky near Los Angeles, while destroying precious historical items.

The whole King Kong exhibition is lost, as well as the sets of the movie "Back to the Future", with the famous places of the time travels of Michael J. Fox.

Between 40.000 and 50.000 videos and movierolls are damaged. They were locked in a safe that contained material made since the 20ties last century.
There are replicas, which are saved elswhere. So the loss is not in imagery itself.

The Dutch TV brought this newsitem:

The cause of the fire is not known.

In 1890 the Universail Studios suffered a large fire too, ignited by a security person. The same was 50 million dollars.

Estimated is that the damage now is at least this amount, maybe even twice as much.


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