Monday, June 16, 2008

monday,monday, tadammm tatadam!!!

june 16 2008

I'm late at my blog today.

It's one of those mondays, filled with all kinds of unexepected things.

Someone wanted an appointment this afternoon, which was impossible, so it had to be tranferred to a date that I already have an appointment in that area.

Then one of my daughters handed me a leaflet with the date of het swim-exam...right at the time we have an appointment with the dentist for most of the children...

One of the boys wanted to have my camera... 5 minutes after he left I saw such a nice butterfly sitting camera-ready...

I decided to hang the laundry inside. When I was ready the sun started to shine...

When I sat down with a coffee and dozed off someone rang the doorbell to hand me some mail for the neighbours....

And all day the old song spooked through my head:

monday, monday...., , tadammm tatadam!!!



  1. Monday's are universal. I am having one of those too... :D

  2. Hi, I gave you an award. You can check it out on my Winding Threads blog.


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