Monday, June 9, 2008

Maria Montessori will be proud of her

june 9 2008

When the twins were born they were almost the same weight, but during the years one of them became a thin, fragile and short little lady.

One way or another the world seemed to be too big for her at moments.
Especially when she was at the swimmingpool.

This year she got an extra chance to learn to swim, because I'd been able to convince teh school and the council that children all learn at their own time and at their own pace.
When the school celebrates parties at the swimmingpool, according to me, they were doing wrong to the few children who never learned to swim.

She got her chance, and she used it.

Each time before the swimminglesson I've talked her into a winningmood.
She loves ballet, so I learned her to trust the inner movements little girls feel when they hear the music and see the balletdancers.

I taught her about the upward pressure of water, and everything else I knew.

And now she's able to swim for her diploma right before she leaves school.

She took her time, but she trusts herself now, and she can swim, and jump in the water and enjoy it.

Maria Montessori will be proud of her!



  1. Everybody should learn swim.I hope people like to learn swim in their won comfortable way.

  2. Well sorry for not reading your post! I'm working on my laltop and came across your blog. I just drop by to say i really love it as purple is my favourite colour :D


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