Friday, June 27, 2008

Don't complain that kids kill each other when you see owning a gun as a legal right.

june 27 2008

Don't complain that kids kill each other when you see owning a gun as a legal right.

OK OK, there's no need to hit me with a stick on my head (simply because we here won't even consider allowing people to won a gun, unless it's for their profession or some other very specified uses).
I know that the gun is meant for self-defense in one's own home, which might sound very acceptable, but there's far more to it when children are concerned.

We all know that owning a gun comes with responsibilities, like putting it behind locked doors, keeping the bullets at another place etc.
But I'm not talking about that.

I'm thinking about the whole way of thinking behind this all.

The point of focus is not on making your home a place where no-one can enter without your permission, but on the idea that other people force themselves in your house and you want to stop them with a gun.

Don't think I'm naieve. I know there are people who want to rob others, rape others, kill others.
A few years ago two of them tried to enter our house by throwing a huge tile through the kitchendoor.
They didn't come any further, because we had a camera beside our bed and just clicked the flashlight. They thought they were photographed and ran away.

I think that when burglars expect a gun they bring one themselves.

Don't think I'm afraid of guns.
I learned how to use them ages ago.
They're just instruments.

I stayed alone at a farm with some children and their father wanted me to be able to defend myself and the children.
Nice thought.
But I convinced him that a good alarm system was far better protection.

The safety the children and I experienced when we had a gun was far less than when we had a good alarmsystem.

It all had to do with our view on the situation.

With a gun, we were feeling alert. We reckoned with the possibility someone would enter the farm and wanted to harm us.
Keeping the gun behind locked doors was ridiculous.
Ever heard a rapist to stop his action because the woman asks him to give her a couple of minutes to get the gun?

With the alarm system we felt secure and relaxed.
Ofcourse someone might try to enter, but he would meet a problem, and we would be warned in time.
We're living in the 21st century, so why not use modern technology?

I'm living in a society where harming another human being, even if he's a criminal, isn't the normal way of behaviour.
That's why our soldiers are no heroes.

We don't want our children to think that violence is an acceptable part of life.

We don't think that having a gun creates safety.
We don't think that men having guns are more male.

When guns are available in society, they're available to those who use them in the wrong way.
It will lead to more violence, and it will lead to more casualties and deaths, because people can use them planned and on impulse.

Kids can steal them and use them at will.

I don't think I have to write here about the schoolshootings.



  1. I agree with you completely on this issue. It's the reason why I will never visit the U.S. If guns are as tightly regulated as they are in the UK then deaths from being shot wouldn't be an issue.
    No criminal is going to wait for you to get the gun and bullets before committing the crime & no matter how you store them, they are not safe to have around with young children. Every child wants to be a cowboy or cowgirl at some stage & a child with an interest in guns & one in the home is a needless death waiting to happen

  2. Tonight on the news I just saw a story about a girl who shot another girl to death. You don't have to convince me that guns are bad.


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