Sunday, June 8, 2008

His birthday

june 8 2008

Tuesday is the birthday of my autistic son.

The past years he didn't like the fuzz and loss of routine on days like these, and he kept the pleasure of being a birthdayboy as short as possible.

Last week, however he asked for birthday invitations.

I was astonished!!!

He told me he wanted to invite some people over on sunday, because he didn't expect them to be able to come on tuesday.

Ofcourse I expected him to have a very good reason, but he didn't bother to tell me.

This morning, when I was tidying the room, he told me he had asked three different people to surprise him with a part of the Harry Potter games.

Well, they all showed up, and he got all the three games he wanted.

He even helped to hand out the apple- and cherrypies, without knocking over cups of coffee or something else.

When the visitors left he ran upstairs and we haven't seen him since.

I hope he'll have time this evening for the next group of visitors. LOL!

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