Friday, June 13, 2008

fun and troubles

june 13 2008

Yesterday was a very buzzy and emotional day.

After the good news that my third son passed all his final exams, we waited together with a friend of him and my second son for a call from his school.

It was a long wait, but finally he got the message: he's in for a graduation ceremony too.

We were all so happy!

I've seen the boy grow up from a tiny little bush of curly hair with a little boy underneath, to a testosteron loaded puberty representative.

And now he and my son are ready to move on to another part of their lives, with more responsibilities.

I'm so happy that both of them did so well.

In the afternoon I got another mail of the schooladvisor, straight against my wishes to devote my attention to positive matters.
He and the council representative want my son to go to a kind of homework institute, where he can have some support and an empty room to study.

I'm all against it, because the institute is nothing more than an our-of-home homework facility, not acknowledged by the government.
They even have to use special wordings to get the whole lot paid for.

It made me very mad, because we've told them over and over again it's no option for my son.
Interesting is that none of them has even been there.
They've only read the description.

Isn't it a coincidence that we just filled in the paperwork to ask the council representative to free him from legal duties concerning school? (***grins***)

To oblige them, we made an appointment to have a look there.
It'll put us to the advantage of knowing what we're talking about.

I feel angry that we're forced to go through yet another time of stress and troubles.
Especially when we should be happy and having fun.



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