Sunday, June 8, 2008

the first strawberries

june 8 2008

I was hanging the laundry on the line when my eye caught something red... just from a little corner.

So I carefully moved the pink castle-roses aside, moved a buxus branch, and then saw two tiny strawberries, as red and rich as only little woodstrawberries can be.

It's june the eighth 2008, a date noted now, as these are the first strawberries of the season.

They surprised me, as the larger ones are still green.
And I didn't know they were growing, hiding under the rose and buxus.

They've been able to escape the birds who are forever looking for nice bits and pieces everywhere in the garden.
And they've escaped the caterpillers who are destroying the little appleharvest I hoped for.

It's almost a holy moment when I carefully remove them.
I don't want to destroy the other surprises that might grow somewhere under the bushes, away from my sight.

I'm sure today it will be discussed who will be eating these two little ones.
Sharing with 8 persons is a bit too much, so maybe I will get one and my autistic son, who is celebrating his birthday today and tuesday.

Will the one I'll get taste sweet?

I guess so.


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