Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fingerprint in the universe

june 24 2008

Yesterday was one of those days other families will never experience.

I'm glad for them.

Before coffeetime my stresshormones were already as high as could be.

Last week it was agreed with the father of the children that he would change the date of the dentist appointment.

The guy is a scientist, so one would expect him to understand the meaning of the words.

He just had the secretary take one of the girls from the list.
There was no other way not to disappoint the very attractive young lady, because our girl had to take her swimmingexam.

Left: a couple of boys and dad himself.

Instead of asking her to look in the agenda, I suppose he smiled grateful, and got another smile.

So we had a disappointed girl expecting most of her familymembers to sit at the dentist instead of watching her swim.

If it weren't that the handsome secretary found a slot for dad.
The oldest had made his own appointment a while ago, and the one with PDD-NOS just had his usual fit of fear.
I guess he'll die without teeth, unless he finds a very nice therapist who's able to
help him overcome his fobia.

Ofcourse dad thought that yelling and just telling him to go would help.
Some people never change.
I felt like looking at a movie I've seen so often that I know all the words and gestures by heart.

So finally dad called the dentist to cancell the appointment, one of the other boys went and came home with polished teeth, which his girlfriend will value, and it was quiet in the house again.

I don't expect we caused the rumbling in the sky.
But when all our moves in this world will leave a lasting impression in the universe, this morning left a nice and clear fingerfrint.


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  1. It sounds like he needed a bonk on his head! LOL


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