Monday, June 2, 2008

docking Discovery to ISS now

june 2 2008

Those who are interested in what's happening in space can plug in at NASA TV to get the direct view on the docking manouevres and the actual docking of the Discovery to the International Space Station.

You can find NASA TV ::here::.

At the right of the site click:
other viewing options

and then:

Windows Media (Best for Full Screen)

It gives you the best view possible.

At times you can see where above the world the Discovery and the ISS are.
You can spot them, in a clear sky, without any aid.
But when you have instruments to see them closer, go ahead, as long as you're not using in the direction of the sun.

Last week we saw the ISS pass above our city.

It's so interesting to realise that with internet and all the other means of sending images from far up there to our earth, we're able to feel like we're actually present in time.

I'm going to enjoy this all, and you?


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