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june 23 2008

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~ Dairy ~

The americans are celebrating National Dairy Month.

Here, in The Netherlands, we don't.

We've all grown up here with dairy being a part of our daily diet.
In a country wellknown for its cows and cheese, dairy products are around us almost all day.

Butter on our bread, cheese, milk in the coffee, dessert.
We're not even aware all the time that dairy is so important.

Partly because diary has become a product to play with.

At university and the years after when it was my turn to cook, people begged for my fluffy yoghurt.
None knew the recipe.

In fact it was the result of a year with loads and loads of fruit, so inexpensive that I had to buy it and make it into jams, jellies and a lot of other products.

They jams that came out too thin, I simply mixed it with joghurt.
My aim was to put so much airbubbles in the mixture that it tasted soft and light, but nevertheless gave a good healthy dessert.

We called it fluffy yoghurt.

Well, last year someone invented it here... or reinvented it, or just copied my recipe, and now it's on the market in plastic, with all sorts of fancy names and even more fancy prices.

And that's one of my problems with dairy nowadays.

Kids don't even know how fresh milk tastes.
Or how they should deal with milk that comes directly from the cow.

When I was young we lived near a farm, where I would get fresh eggs and fresh milk.
When my mother didn't want to cook and take the cream off, she bought milk at the door from the milkman.
We had a special can in the house, where he poured the milk in.

The only thin he had done with the milk was let it stay for a while and take the fat off.
It was to me to cook the milk, let the cream rise and take it off.

The cream was great on coffee and chocolate, and it tasted full and wealthy.

Soon after a law stated that milk that was sold at the door should have been cooked, later it should be bottled, etc etc.

The milkman disappeared, and we bought the heavy bottles at the shop.
A while ago I took my children to the one and only shop that is left in town where they sell bottles milk.
They were amazed.
Yes, getting the groceries was a real job those days.

During the years dairy changed from a healthy product to a health hazard.
Not only because it contained too many dioxines in some areas, but also the fat in the milk wasn't considered healthy anymore.

So the fat went out, the sales went down, and the fruit and cereals went in again.
And ofcourse all those healthy bacteria that enjoy streaming through our bodies.

Diary has changed from a priducts that was alike for the poor and wealthy into a product that should fit the wallet.

Some products never reach our table, simply because they're too expensive or they're too far away from the normal.

How I long for some old fashioned cream on my coffee again!

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  1. Aaaahhhh~to go back in time...wouldn't that just be wonderful? I wouldn't mind one bit! Thanks again for sharing your wonderful memories!


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