Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Creating a web site

june 25 2008

Today I had a meeting with one of the schools of the children. Subject: their site.
The site lacks certain features, like a list of lessons that are canceled, and it also looks very shabby.

The webmaster is one of the teachers, who learned the absolute basics of html, and copies the rest from other sites.
No wonder pages won't load.

At the very beginning the principal stated that he valued the work of the webmaster very much, considering the small amount of money that was available.
He mentioned a figure that put us right in the middle of a very interesting discussion.

For that amount of money they can hire a professional web site designer to create a professional site!

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  1. I originally created my own site, and then after the pages wouldn't align properly on certain computers and I did everything in the form of graphics, I hired a professional. 2 site make-overs later, I've vowed never to do it myself again. There is no replacement for a professional in this case!

    Leigh Clements
    The Mystery Maiden
    Shot In The Dark


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