Thursday, June 26, 2008

Closing the past

june 26 2008

It's the end of the schoolyear and I'm bussy to give my attention to unfinished businesses.

Today I focussed on the basic school.

Almost all my children went to that school.
It's a local school, and for a while it was the best school.

We had to leave our children there, because the schools had an agreement not to take children from other schools in the area.

The way they treated my autistic son was sad, and lacked the wish to get the knowledge and skills to deal with him.
That they lack the skills even now, after more than 4 years, is a disgrace.
All sorts of courses and education are offered now, because so many children live with an autism spectrum disorder.
When a school doesn't grow with the expanding knowledge in the field it looses contact with society.

The last year many parents left the area, because a completely new part of town is opened.
The new parents are not choosing for this school, so empty places aren't filled anymore.

Another way it's reflected that the school isn't as good anymore is the continuous flow of new and leaving teachers.
People who filled in when a teacher was ill, didn't return, because they experienced a lack of teamspirit and support.

Many of them complained to me, and all I could do was motivate them to give the school feedback on the subject.

And now I'm in the position to be able to give feedback without it lashing back on my children.

It feels like looking back on a long history, and with 5 children there it has been a long history.

I expected to feel grateful towards the school, but I'm not.

They told my son with ADHD and dyslexia he was lazy and he didn't have dyslexia.
They told us that our dyslectic daughter wasn't dyslectic, but just slow.
They involved childcare when a teacher couldn't deal with the fact that we said that our daughter wanted to be in another group with another teacher. The teacher accused us of abusing our daughter and neglecting her. Just because she's skinny and very pale.
(Luckily our doctor was able to tell childcare we're loving parents and our girl is just like her mother when she was young. Very healthy, but with a superfast matabolism.)

We've never had an apology and I don't expect one.
But I need to bring these matters under the attention of those involved, so they'll get feedback on their behaviour and things like these will never ever happen with other parents and children.

I'm happy we can wave the school goodbye forever.
Ofcourse there are teachers who deserve nothing else than huge compliments.
We'll cherrish those memories and we'll bring them flowers the first day of the vacation. At their homes.

These are the people we'll see in the shoppingcentre, because their faces have become special to us.

The others will disappear in the past.

And we all need to close this time of life in a good way, so we don't drag the problems with us to the future.


  1. A very touching article.I wish the school was a bit more understanding. Anyways I wish you all the very best in life.

  2. Good luck and wish the best for you...


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