Friday, June 13, 2008


june 13 2008

It's called the fairytale lane now.

In fact it's a huge road leading through one of the main parts of town.

Caterpillars of the brown spotted moth made this lovely lane with majestic trees into a spooky road of hairy grey.

First they've eaten all the leaves.
Then, on their way down, hunting for more food, they've left their silky remnants for all to see.

They were among the first signs of the changing climate.

The natural balance of a fine ecosystem has been changed.
Their natural predators are not developed enough to eat the larvae, so there's an overpopulation of caterpillars crowding the area.

Experience has taught that the trees will be able to grow leaves again and shed off the grey weaves and webs.

In case you want to see this spectacular and rare sight, he's a link to the video at our local paper.


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