Thursday, June 19, 2008

a beautiful mail

june 19 2008

My relationship with the mailman is kind of paradoxical.
I just love mail, especially when he delivers it to me with a smile.
Sometimes the mail he brings is crap.

Like today.

Remember the schooladvisor trying to help us finding a school for my autistic son?

Turned out he should have presented us with lots of info before he started assisting us. He even should have asked us to sign for permission to talk about our son.

His last efforts went way beyond his duty.
He was so very committed to help us out that he not only crossed the border of privacy, he also brought us in a terrible position.

He referred us to an organisation that is not fit for our son.
He did so the first day he came to us.
So I told him why we rejected his suggestion.

Well, completely at the end he and the council representative agreed that organisation was THE solution for our son.
Which means that refusing to go there might mean me being send to court, because I refused to send my son there.

Last week I mailed the organisation, asking some spicy questions, and we asked a time for a meeting.

The woman mailed us back the information I expected.
No experience with autistic children, just helping with homework, etc.
Well, a homework help centre is not what we need. We need a school!

So I mailed her back, explaining some things, and cancelled the appointment.

Today I got a beautiful mail back that the organisation can't be of help for us at all.
That mail was so well written that I can use it to present at court to make clear I've done all I could and went through all the available options.

Now we need to convince that council representative that going to court is just a waste of time and money.


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