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june 2 2008

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Sorry I'm a bit late. Migraine.

People in some countries grow up with summerbarbeques.

We didn't.

Our summers were simply not hot and dry enough, the weatherforecasts weren't realiable enough.

With the change of climate, the BBQ's entered the garden.
And on TV and in the papers the warnings that igniting the BBQ with certain inflammable liquids is very dangerous.

Right now, many people have a BBQ at home or at friends at least one time a year. expected one time a week? Or maybe a month?

Well, some have.

We don't.

When other people in our neighbourhood start their BBQ we always have to look first if there's a house on fire, or just someone preparing to burn a meatpackage.

By the smells and the smoke of it, eating won't be a desirable activity ... at all!

We have to close our windows and doors, so we're not bothered by the smoke.
So nowadays I spend almost all wonderful summerevenings behind closed doors.
Entrapped in my own home.

My asthma simply can't cope with the lack of knowledge about BBQ-ing.

Don't think I never make a BBQ for my children.

After I enjoyed a professional BBQ, I sat down with the butcher who organised it and drank in all the tips and beer he had (2 bottles each).
He was delighted he could talk about something so close to his heart, and I was happy to learn the tricks.

So when I make a BBQ, I build it myself from the stones in the garden, and some kitchen items.
I slowly light the coals, like they're babies that need warmth, and cook and bake already marinated chicken and other meat, so we won't be confronted with unwanted bacteria and the runs.

We want to enjoy a quiet time, even after the red shine in the BBQ has disappeared for a long time.

We put the meat on sticks with tomato and union, for instance, or sometimes slice it, before it's put on the BBQ.

Salads from vegetables and fruit accompany the meat, and sometimes I boil water on the BBQ to show the children how coffee was made in the old days: slow.

On a rainy day I even make fish in aluminiumfoil.

And have you ever tried to put some herbs on the hot coals?

No one in the neighbourhood knows, because they're not bothered by smoke or nasty smells.

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