Friday, June 6, 2008

another psychiatrist-wannabee

june 6 2008

It's interesting to see how many psychologists and psychiatrists-wannabees want to start a powergame with me.

I guess it's the same why I got the youngest staffmember at university, a long long time ago.

Yesterday I went with my second son to again another psychologist or psychiatrist-wannabee.
She had taken over from the kind woman who tested him.

We landed there after quite an enterprise.
The busses are still on strike, so it was bicycle, train, another train and a long walk.
I had three large blisters on my feet.
We arrived cheerful though, complimenting the secretary with a wonderful blouse she was wearing. (Oh...when I see it somewhere I want to have it. LOL!)
Then we had coffee...and I can tell you, the coffee is perfect there.

So that psych came and looked strange that I accompanied my son.
So I asked if she'd rather have me stay in the waitingroom.
Oh noooowww.

We sat down and then she started to attack me about an appointment that was never made.
Which is the third time there, and when we also calculate the time they forgot to cancel an appointment it's the fifth. (Taken the time my oldest and second are diagnosed.)

I told her she´d better mail me when she needs me.
That case I can confirm receiving the mail and she knows when we forget an appointment or not.

The tone she used was unacceptable. Apart from the fact that she´s not my mother, I hate it to be looked down on. It was clear she thought I´m a stupid mother unable to run a family.

So when she, looking for the proper words, tried to tell me she wanted to speak with my son alone, I told her she should have said in the first place, so she wouldn't have lost so much time on trying to have me admit a mistake I certainly haven't made.

(When I get dates and times for appointments I write them in a very large agenda, where I keep note of all sorts of data, and I write it in a computeragenda.)

Later, when the father of the children arrived home I told him about the way she dealth with the appointment, and that I'd given her my emailaddress.
He went angry, because he's spoken with her and gave her my emailaddress! He spelled it for her, and she spelt it back.

Well holyboly!!

My son told me she'd told him she wanted to repeat some of the tests the other woman had done, and she kept questioning him about feelings he can't put into words, almost forcing him.
He didn't feel comfortable by the way she came back 15 times! on the same subject.

I guess the woman has a certain opinion about autism spectrum disorders and wants to proof he's got a certain type of personality disorder.

Well, she's in for a nice surprise the next time, because we already have the diagnosis from the big man at the department himself.

When she knows better, she needs to have good proof.
I have my own hypotheses, and I'm sure I'm right.

We'll see her again at the end of the month.
No blisters to divert my attention then.


  1. I guess the woman has a certain opinion about autism spectrum disorders too and he's got a certain type of personality disorder or problem.

  2. yeah its a mental disorder sign. I guess it's right not to go there. you must prove to her that you are the best

  3. its a double personality type of disorder. the person may be in a stable state in a moment but the next second he may be in another shapes form, or state. I have donne some psychology myself.

  4. Great story. I think you should take precaution with such people.

  5. Nice story. Prevention is better than cure.

  6. great post very interesting keep it up

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  8. Very well said.. and its such a touching story.. and remind us that prevention is better than cure..
    thanks for sharing


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