Friday, June 27, 2008

Another day is over

june 26 2008

Another day is over.

I went with my second son to psychiatry to get the final diagnosis.
Like with my oldest we were confronted with an appointment and the psychiatrist didn't show up.

The psychologist gave us some of her findings and didn't know if she was allowed to give the rest of her findings.

We heard nothing new.

I was glad that I'd been early.
The waitingroom is very pretty and comfortable.
I had coffee and relaxed a bit while reading about Orlando vacations and the latest fashion untill my son arrived.
So the afternoon was not completely spoiled.

Unlike the last time we were there travelling back was nice.
Lots of sunshine, a light breeze, and no overcrowded busses.

When I came home I immediately mailed the people who were waiting for the diagnosis, and mailed the psychiatrist to send his conclusions as soon as possible, because we need it all on paper to subscribe my son for a special school and apply for a grant.

He has finally accepted the fact that he's got PDD-NOS (the unofficial diagnosis) and that living on his own might be an option, but in a protected environment.
He doesn't need a trainingshouse like the oldest, but he needs support and supervision.

We just need the official diagnosis to set it all in motion.

Tomorrow morning I have to go to the dentist to start the whole toodoo to get another crown.
I hope the molar won't break while he's bussy with it, but I won't be surprised when it does.
The whole procedure has already been paid for last december, so we don't have to deal with the financial bit, unless the molar breaks.

I feel I'm just roling from one special event into another.



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