Wednesday, June 4, 2008


june 4 2008


You've decided for the first black presidential candidate, and it's a wise decision.

The new president of America needs to be a clear statement to the world that finally history is taking a turn and we're freed from the line of presidents who refuse to listen to the people in their own country and the people abroad.

We've seen enough big headed, stubborn people, unwilling to acknowledge their mistakes, at the cost of economics, national safety and world peace.

We're glad you have won.

Even though Clinton did fairly well, she's not able to represent the country as a president, simply because she's not able to accept the reality which spreads far beyond her own goals and ego.

Every minute she doesn't acknowledge you are the party's nominee, she's showing how split the party is, instead of showing it's strength.

She's also showing that she's a calculating person, who can't deal with situations that can be foreseeen but require immediate reaction, adding to the image that she's not the right candidate.

She's not what America needs, even though a large group of voters wanted a woman as a president, they have to find a better one.

Being a president is not about gender, and not about skincolor, it's about being able to lead a country into a better time.

Clinton hasn't been able to move herself from the past into the future.
She wasn't able to acknowledge her mistakes, just added to them. She wasn't able to envold a clear campaign, as she changed her themes so often.

She started out with a clear head start. She didn't win voters, she lost them.
Maybe because her staff was not united in front of the media,certainly because she couldn't design a strategy for a quick win.
Leaning on the wealthy for donations just wasn't enough.
Her debts have risen to more than 30 million dollars!!!
How on earth can people trust her with the economics of a whole country?

Right now Mrs. Clinton is rethinking her strategy.
She's considering her ego and her tremendous amount of debths.
At the moment she quits, the vultures want their money back.

And that makes clear once again that a presidential election should be about the plans for the future and the right person for the job.
It should be about representing the people, not representing those who have money and who use that money to reach those who can easily be talked into voting for them.

I can only wish that Clinton's advisors have the talent of damage-control, otherwise they'll feed Mc. Cain the left-overs of their campaign, leading to a loss for america.


  1. They have the reason to be congratulated. I am doing this too.

  2. thanks for allowing my widget to be featured here, the colors blend so well ;) i love your page!

  3. I look regularly here by and find again and again interesting and well written contributions, therefore I would like to leave here times a greeting from Thuringia in Germany!

  4. i am afraid for barack.


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