Saturday, May 31, 2008

The weather in may 2008

may 31 2008

May has been one of the warmest may's ever.

The normal average temperature is 12,7 degrees celcius.
This year it was 15,7.

We started out with 10 sunny dags, sunnier than ever.

But even though the rest of the month the temperatures were above average, we often had grey and dark days.
Yesterday we needed the lights on untill after noon!

It has rained a lot. Especially the last days.
The rains came from the Sahara, so everything now is covered in a fine layer of yellowish dust.
I thought it was pollen yesterday. But it's saharasand. Ugh.

In many parts of europe people have te deal with heavy weather. Rains and flooding.
It's awful.

Strangely enough we had some freezing night in the middle of the month, but I expect they're over now and I can put all the plants outside.

With such a nice month it's always a question here whether we've used all the nice weather which was waiting for us this year, whether all summer will be nice, or whether we'll have to deal with a dull summer with lots of drizzle.

We just have to wait.


It's just past midnight.
Couldn't be online because of the terrible weather.
It's still raining enormously and the lightning hasn't stopped.

There are many weather alarms here in europe, and here too.

I don't do it often, but during the bad weather this evening I got the girls downstairs. Just in case.

So may ends in a very powerful way.



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