Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The luxury of handpainted glass

may 14 2008

Do you know I love painted glassware

I'm not only talking about christmas ornaments, but also about bowls, bottles, glasses, candle holders, plates and platters and even salt and pepper sets.

Many years ago I used to paint glasses myself.
It was fun to do, but it took a lot of time, because the preparation of the glass is as important as the paiting itself.
The cleaner the glass, the better the paint will stay on.

I still paint little glass bottles.
It's fun to fill them with bathsalt, herbs or gardenseeds and give them as a present.

Using painted glass is a pleasure.
The playfull effects of the light shining through the glass adds luxury to each dinnertable.
Some time ago I was at a weddingdinner and we all got a different glass to take home.
I've made a shelf in front of the dinnerroom-window, like in the sixties, and I display my painted glasses there.
People love this little home-museum.

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  1. Such things as painted glass can add something special, individual to any house. My friend is buying plain (not yet decorated) things made of glass (vases, etc.) and special paints to draw over glass and makes painted glass herself. She says it is easy, pleasant and very relaxing. And she always has unique gifts for her friends for any occasion:)


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