Friday, May 2, 2008

The trophies

may 2 2008

Another terrible morning, dealing with autism in the raw way.
Since my son is taking his meds in the evening, life is crap for all of us.
So I mailed his psych he'll take his meds in the morning again.

With a firm headache the afternoon started.
The sun, the laundry, the groceries, the vacuuming... nothing helped.

Then a little boy came at the door.
He wanted to speak with me.

With me!!!

He made me feel the queen... so lovely.
His mom had written a letter which he handed to me with a big smile.

"Please praise him into heaven for his new baseball trophies.
and please don't send him home too soon.
Maybe the girls want to play with him."

I had a chuckle, seeing two limonade mugs with his name written on it.

He held them high.


So the round stickers were supposed to be baseballs? Hmmm...

"These are your trophies?"

"Yes, my father lost. I won."

So he got some sweets, played with the girls for a couple of hours and was sent back to his mom.

Wish I could send all my kids over to her tomorrow morning! LOL!


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