Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sunny saturday!!!

May 24 2008

Ah... waking up with the sun in my face.

It's still silent in the house and I can hear the birds playing around in the trees.
A swift smell of honeysuckle reached my nose. Hmmm...

Wish I could wake up each day like this.

No alarm, no kinds, no noises of the shower and falling soap.

These moments are so precious that I try to keep them with me all day.

Not even a complete hour later a miniwar is going on in the boys room.
Never put an autistic boy in one space with an ADHD'er.
They have opposite needs, and they disturb each other a full 100%.

By the time I have a coffee, everyone is awake, enjoying breakfast.
They haven't seent through my family-peace-bringing strategy yet, so I'm using it once again.
I moan about the laundry, that no one ever lends a hand, that I'm always tired and that maybe it's time we take steps to move them out, as they only use us for food, drinks, cleaning and sleep. Hej...isn't that what babies do too?
Because they don't want to hear the rest, they eat like they've never eaten before and take the decisions they should have taken in the first place.

Now one is upstairs and one is downstairs.

Isn't it a pity that the new neighbours have choosen to start early with drilling?
I hear them walking and talking in the emtpy still resounding house.
Soon they'll be ready to bring the furniture in and hang the curtains.
That'll be much quieter.

When I go upstairs to have a look, my autistic boy has fallen sleep again.
None likes his morningmoods.

One of teh girls drops the soap while taking a shower.

Looks like a normal morning again...

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  1. Hi there. Sounds like a very peaceful living huh. That's nice to know.

    By the way, I have sent your 100EC's for participating in my "120 Unique Things About Bloggers" ;-)


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