Saturday, May 10, 2008


may 10 2008

Another far too hot day here.

Spring is skipped, it's full summer.
Even with the window open during the night I kept turning and turning. What a night temperature!!!

I was glad to walk into the garden early in the morning.
It's like I can see everything grow by the minute.

The strawberries are flowering already, the blossoms have disappeared from the appletrees,
the tulips are gone.


I was so caught up with all the saturday chores that i didn't notice my breathing was going worse.

Well, it can only go so much worse untill it's hard work to get some oxygen in.

So I got an asthma attack...
Haven't had one as bad for a couple of years.

Luckily I had my meds downstairs, so I took the maximum once, and a bit more....

In hospitals they go even higher with the dosage, and I had no intention to be at the hospital during mother's day. (Although the food is good then, LOL!)

After some time I could breathe better.. Phew!!!

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  1. The nights have been unbearable here in the UK too. The air is so still & very humid. We've put the duvets away and am now using a lightweight sheet as a cover. Even that is too hot but I can't sleep without a cover.
    The air has been so warm here that when I am breathing I feel like I cannot breath. I go dizzy and everything spins round and round.
    I hate it.


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