Saturday, May 31, 2008

Someone is going to talk to that woman

may 31 2008

I was so stressed yesterday by the letter of that council representative.

For those who ddon't know:
We can't find a place for my autistic son (15) to go to school.
By law, all children have to go to school.

In some towns the council representatives, who need to enforce that law and can bring people to court, are very kind and understanding. They even help parents to find a place, without burdening them at all.
We, however, are living in a town that is known for the strict and formal way they follow the rules and the law.
Nothing wrong with that...
unless there's no place.

In fact, it's officially known there that at least 40 young people can't go to school, because they need specialised autism support and they can't cope with social life at schools.

Still, we're hunted like loose wild.
And I refuse to run.

So yesterday we were bullied again by the representative, clerc or whatever you want to call that person. (Who wants a job like that? I guess they can't find something else.)

I was so stressed about it.

So I first mailed the information service of the Ministery of Education of what she wants us to do is legal?
(No, part of it isn't legal. I know thatm but I want it in writing from the Ministery itself.)
And if will be of any use?
(No, because the Ministery decides how many children can visit a school. And when the school has reached the limit they can't just say they'll take one, or forty, more.)

Then I started to rant that the women is not well educated, that she doesn't know the law, that she should help us, instead of fight us, nearly slicing my thumb off when slicing the carrots. LOL!

Then I wrote to the schooladvisor. He's a representative of the Ministery of education, helping people who can't find a school. Most of the time they succeed, here he doesn't. That says something, doesn't it?

I put the whole load in a few words in a mail, telling him that maybe those council representatives need to be informed properly about the law and the realities of life and politics, like moneystreams, quota and sorts.

His reply calmed me. Phew!

He's going to talk with the representative.
Going to call the school of the auti-classes again.

We can't do anything more.

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  1. you did so many this for this issue, anyway thanks for your post.


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