Monday, May 26, 2008

saving accounts

may 26 2008

Monday again.
Time flies.

As it's the last monday of the month there's not only a lot to tidy and clean after the weekend, but also some administration that needs to be done.

I go through all the papers and leaflets the kids got from school, so to make sure those that need to are handed in in time.
Let's say it also cleans up the piles, because we get so many messages that are completely useless.

Then I update all the saving accounts
Each child has one and each month they get 10 euro in it.
It's not much, but as we don't have much it's OK.
They can't take the money from the account before they're 18, and even then we keep the account away from them.
Some children don't know we've been saving for them from the day they were born.

I hope they use it well when times get rough.


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