Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Save on your phone cards

april 6 2008

With so many kids going the route of proper puberty, phone cards are a regular item of dispute.

We have the rule that with proper use we pay half, with improper use we pay nothing.

They all can get one card a month, because we have no normal family telephone anymore.
That's far cheaper than kids hanging on the phone all evening and dad paying the bill.


  1. Teens and phones are inseparable!

    Your blog is one of the prettiest I have seen - love the soft purples, and the banner is gorgeous!

    I just signed up with PPP - am hearing some bad things about loosing my PR, and I am almost ready to call it quits. I know once they take it away, it will be hard to post any PPP with no PR. How has your experience been with it?


  2. I am on my way to check it out. Thanks Laane.


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