Sunday, May 11, 2008

saturday six

may 11 2008

Saturday Six

1. How many days a week, on average, do you eat breakfast?


2. If you eat a breakfast that involves actual cooking, what are most likely to prepare for yourself?

We don't have cooked breakfast here.
The only cooked things are teawater and an egg now and then.
Not for me, I have a metabolic disorder that allows no use of eggs.

3. If you eat a breakfast that requires no cooking, what are yu most likely to choose for yourself?

Pperkoek. That's a kind of gingerbread.

4. Take the quiz: What Kind of Cereal Are You?

You Are Granola

You are creative and inventive.

You don't do much the ordinary or normal way.

You like to explore new ideas and lifestyles.

Something isn't for you just because other people do it.

Quick breakfast fixes are definitely not your style.

You're the type most likely to cook yourself an amazing homemade breakfast.

5. When you eat pancakes, how many do you typically place in a stack?

When I have to make them for at least 8 people Í don't feel like eating them anymore.
I'm not allowed to eat them either.

6. How do you like your pancakes: with butter/margarine or without, and what flavor of syrup?

With butter? It isn't bread!!

With Jam was OK in the past.

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