Saturday, May 10, 2008

saturday 9

may 10 2008


1. What is the first thing you notice about a person (that you are attracted to) when you meet them?

Well, when I'm already attracted to the person it's not really a first thing.
So it depends on what I like most about the person, or, when things aren't going well, on the most irritating thing. LOL!

When I meet someone first and he's one of the kind I would wish to fall in love with, it'll be the way he looks at me.

2. What has been your worst illness or injury?

Thanks to a doctor at the hospital (maternity department) who wouldn't believe me that I was not only having after-contractions, but also a strange pain, I ended up at home with a powerful uterine infection. Within two hours I went from a faint pain and the feeling of pending doom to a feeling I was fading away from the world.

Luckily a friend who is a midwife did believe me and came.
And because she trusted me in my medical opinion she also called the doc when she went on her way.
They arrived at the same time.

I remember she started talking to me, to keep me conscious.
The doc didn't even need to do a full examination as the lymph glands were so very large.
He rushed to the pharmacy to get the meds for me himself.

A few years later I was expecting.
But the baby died and I went to hospital to give birth.
When the baby was born I got a massive bleeding.
There was no OR free, so the obstetrician tried to stop it, but couldn't.
I was rushed to theatre anyway.
Outside we had to wait.
Later I was told it was a matter of minutes or I would have died.

3. Have you ever had a secret crush and then told the person? If yes, how did it go?
Yes, I've had a crush, but I've never told it with so many words.
My eyes tell a lot, and that special smile. Ugh. Wish I could control that!

4. What was the last drink that you ordered at a pub or a bar?

Can't remember.
I haven't been in a pub for, I don't know how many, years.

5. What car have you owned that was your favorite?

What is the fascination with cars?
I don't drive and I don't have one.
Tell me: what's the best buy?

6. What is your favorite holiday?

That one has yet to come. LOL!
I want to go to Scotland.

None of the holidays is my favorite, because it always means it's even more bussy and stressfull as ever.

7. Have you ever had sex with someone that in retrospect was (and stayed) a stranger?

No. Or do you mean my husband? In that case: yes.

8. Who is your favorite female singer?

Do you want me to have another go about Kiri te Kanawa?
I love Janice Joplin too.

9. How often do you read the newspaper?

Let's put it this way: I read all the newspapers that end up in the house.
I don't always read them at the same day.

When things go normal I like to clean my room on monday and then I sit down and have a look at the pile of papers. LOL!
I always ease my mind with the fact that I have a friend whose paperpiles are higher. LOL!


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