Thursday, May 15, 2008

Rain, glorious rain!

may 15 2008

I heard a strange noise.

Like a bird fell on a stiff plastic screen.

Then another sound... the same?

And more....

Dark patches of the size of a euro on the pavement.


I rushed outside, called for a bucket and pulled the almost dry laundry from the lines.

The girls ran outside to help me and in a joint efford we got the large pile in the house.

Like I pushed a button the rain suddenly came down in large quantities.

Rain!! Glorious rain!!!


  1. You have a beautiful blog here Laane! Great posts, and such a peaceful layout with the lavender and cream colors! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hello Laane....beautiful blog...I am from Brasil...I also adore rain... but I always adore more the sun... agreement early, to see it to be born... I imagine the beauty of its Country... kisses, if he will be able visits me, I even have one blog of photos...uau...

    mother of 6 children! Congratulations! Bye

  3. glad to know that is someone is enjoying the rain, I wish it would stop here and bring out the sun! :)

  4. Here i read a good post about rain. Thanks for your post.

  5. I Love it when it's raining. It always make me want to sleep. SO cold and comfy.

  6. Rain... is like a blessing coming from above, like a spring to wash away all worries, tiredness and indifference... I love listening to rain as it falls down dancing on window panes, blurring the sight and making things look a bit unreal...

  7. I love the rain but this last Summer it rained so hard and so much I actually began to get annoyed with it.

    The climate is really changing everywhere as instead of our warm rainy days they are now cold and I feel like I am living in England not in Africa.


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