Saturday, May 31, 2008

opening of the concert season

May 31 2008

Today it's the opening of the open air concert season here in town.
Or to be precise... in one of the parcs at the border of the town.

And as we live quite near the area we're prepared.

Last year I was able to sit outside and listen to some of the better groups.

This year I don't know. It depends on the weather and the wind.

The open air concerts are well visited.
In fact this one was sold out early.

Because the busses are still on stike, people have to find their own way to get there.
When you love walking, it's an option. But it's not very desirable.

I heard from some people who wanted to buy a bus and use it all season to travel to the concerts.

Makes me feel it's hippytime again.

Right now I feel sorry for the people there.
It's raining a bit.


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