Thursday, May 1, 2008

Oops, the shops are closed.

May 1 2008

Unexpected birthday celebrations.

We all have to deal with them. So do we.

This morning the girls were up and ready to go quite early for a vacationday.
They needed to go and find a present for a girl we know for a long time.

I´m not sure if I have to say she´s spoiled.
In a way she is, because her parents don´t refuse her a lot, don´t tell her enough what the limits of her behaviour are, and tell her that she´s far more intelligent than tests can give her credit for.

She´s going through a rough time, because she feels she´s different from others.
That´s what her parents wanted, and what she wanted.
But she found out that instead of being better and more intelligent, she´s not.
Which means she sees others as being self confident, and she isn´t confident of herself one little bit.

So no nice book or a bracelet for her birthday.
We intended to find her two nice, warm and soft pillows for her room, so she could feel comforted, quiet and at times throw them to the wall.

Well...there was one thing we completely forgot: the shops are closed.

So instead we have to resort to the bag with gifts that we bring with us when they are for sale.

So a tennisgame it will be.

I think those pillows would have been far better.


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