Wednesday, May 14, 2008

On the warpath...

may 14 2008

This morning we were on the warpath for our girls.

The schoolprincipal has made some serious mistakes in the past and never ever took the effort to apologise.
He should have. It was painful and stupid enough.

But life goes on...untill today.

No, we weren't going to get that wellmeant apology.
It will never come.

We wanted to have a thourough look through the files of our daughters before they are send to the next school.

School had just begun, and he wasn't in his office.
We found him talking with someone.

When I addressed him he looked up like he'd seen a ghost.

I know he tried for three years not to meet me in person. LOL!

We told him what we came for, but he managed to escape by telling us he was too tied up at the moment. So maybe after school....

After school the message was that we could get in contact with one of the coordinators.
She said we could only have a look, no copy and she was very disturbed by the request.



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